Acute neurological care in north-east Germany with telemedicine support (ANNOTeM): protocol of a multi-center, controlled, open-label, two-arm intervention study

NIH | National Library of Medicine |
National Center for Biotechnology Information | | 17.08.2020

Background: Both diagnosis and treatment of neurological emergencies require neurological expertise and are time-sensitive. The lack of fast neurological expertise in regions with underserved infrastructure poses a major barrier for state-of-the-art care of patients with acute neurological diseases and leads to disparity in provision of health care. The main purpose of ANNOTeM (acute neurological care in North East Germany with telemedicine support) is to establish effective and sustainable support structures for evidence based treatments for stroke and other neurological emergencies and to improve outcome for acute neurological diseases in these rural regions.

A „hub-and-spoke“ network structure was implemented connecting three academic neurological centres („hubs“) and rural hospitals („spokes“) caring for neurological emergencies…