Showcase: The ANNOTeM project Using teleneurology and dry EEG to improve neurological care

Time is brain | Patients with acute neurological damage (e.g., through suffering a stroke, during status
epilepticus) require immediate treatment in order to minimize future neurological impairments
(Saver, 2006). This is problematic in rural areas in which patients have to travel large distances
to reach the nearest hospital with adequate resources and expertise (Dorsey, Glidden, Holloway,
Birbeck, & Schwamm, 2018). The recently started ANNOTeM project aims to improve
neurological care in the German states of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
by using telemedicine. Another objective is to validate the outcome of applying the latest
teleneurological technologies to provide optimal healthcare support from a distance…
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